General Information

Washington Elementary School is a TK-6 school established in 1953 on 8.2 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. Today, our campus consists of 11 permanent and 17 portable classrooms.

The full time staff includes 23 regular classroom teachers, four Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) teachers, two special education teachers, two custodians, two office personnel, and a librarian. Additional staff include a psychologist, health clerk, speech and language therapist, instrumental music teacher, physical education teacher, art teacher, and a computer lab technician. These people, combined with the efforts of the principal, the PTO, countless volunteers, and motivated and dedicated parents, form a team to ensure that children receive an education that will prepare them for the 21st century.

Early Release Wednesday

On Wednesdays at Washington School will be released at 1:30pm. Families have the option of having their children come home early or participate in a variety of after school Enrichment classes (art, science, drama, dance) or enrolling their students in the RAP or Child Development Programs located at Washington. While students are busy with their various Wednesday options, teachers work collaboratively in grade-level teams, focusing on identifying, analyzing and meeting the needs of each and every student.