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Our Program

We are focused on building a community of music makers at Washington. Our program is built on the philosophy that educating the whole child means providing equitable access to music education for every student. We believe that quality of life is enriched through music and singing.
All Washington students attend a weekly music class

Our kindergarten through third grade students follow a curriculum based on the principles and practices of the Orff Shulwerk and SongWorks methodologies. Students acquire musical skill and knowledge as they sing, play, analyze, perform, compose, and respond to music.

Fourth through sixth grade students participate in our instrumental music program, where each student learns how to play a band or string instrument. All fourth grade students participate in our beginning violin class, where we focus on the fundamental skills of instrumental music. In fifth grade, our two-year band and orchestra program begins. Fifth grade students take beginning band or beginning orchestra. Students continue the instrument they began in fifth grade in our sixth grade advanced band and orchestra classes. Washington Elementary School provides an instrument for each 4th-6th grade student.



Music Teacher: Ms. Davis